Limitations suck. At 6sense, we believe if you know everything, you can do anything — and we think sharing what we've learned with peers is the best way to help each other tackle the obstacles that stand in our way.

Whether you’re an ABM expert, demand gen genius, or sales and marketing ops guru, there’s one thing we all have in common: a passion for tackling obstacles that stand in our way of generating pipeline and revenue.

That’s why we’re gathering the best and brightest minds to share ABM strategies, insights, and innovations. We’ll spend two days charting our course for success in the new year, tapping into the expertise of our industry peers, and celebrating our wins.

Keynote Speakers

Kate Bullis

Kate Bullis

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

SEBA International


Jay Gaines

CMO, SiriusDecisions Product Line



Craig Rosenberg

Chief Analyst


Tom Pisello

Tom “The ROI Guy” Pisello

Chief Evangelist



Tuesday, December 3

  • 8:00 AM – Opening Remarks
    Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense
  • 8:45 AM – THE Demand Orchestration Platform: 6sense’s Vision for the Future of B2B Sales and Marketing Jason Zintak, CEO, 6sense
  • 9:15 AM – Nobody Breaks Through Better than Senseis
    Sanjay Kini, CCO, 6sense
  • 9:45 AM – BREAK
  • 10:00 AM – Uncovering Insights to Optimize your Go-to-Market
    Ed Breault, CMO, Aprimo
    Uran Kabashi, Demand Generation & ABM Manager, Aprimo
  • 10:30 AM – Customer Use Cases: Prioritize
    Speaker announcement coming soon!
  • 12:00 PM – LUNCH
  • 12:45 PM – Customer Use Cases: Engage
    Speaker announcement coming soon!
  • 2:45 PM – BREAK
  • 3:00 PM – Customer Use Cases: ABM at Scale
    Speaker announcement coming soon!
  • 4:00 PM – Closing Remarks
  • 5:00 PM – Immersive Dining Experience and Dance Party

Wednesday, December 4


Archer Hotel

1230 First St., Napa, CA 94559



Kate Bullis, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, SEBA International


As co-founder and Managing Partner leading the Go to Market Practice att SEBA, Kate has spent over 20 years advising clients in technology, digital, consumer, financial and professional services. Specializing in marketing, sales and business development engagements, Kate has advised start-ups, growth, mid market and Fortune 100 companies. Representative assignments include BOD, CEO, CMO, Chief Revenue Officer, VP Growth, VP Product Marketing, VP Brand & Communications, VP Sales, and VP Business Development & Partnerships.

Jay Gaines, Chief Marketing Officer — SiriusDecisions Product Line, Forrester


Jay Gaines is passionate about great marketing leadership that drives innovation, positive transformation, and measurable results. His career spans more than 20 years in a variety of b-to-b industries, and his experience includes organizational design and leadership, marketing strategy and planning, marketing budget and operations management, demand creation, sales and marketing alignment, and digital strategy. Jay has held executive-level marketing and business development positions at both well-established and startup b-to-b companies where he consistently transformed marketing organizations to achieve significant and measurable business contribution.

Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst, TOPO


Craig Rosenberg combines 20+ years of sales and marketing experience with TOPO’s high-growth dataset to provide specific, actionable recommendations that drive predictable, scalable growth. He and his team support over 200 companies, ranging from the largest technology companies in the world to early-stage startups.

Tom Pisello, Chief Evangelist, Mediafly


Tom “The ROI Guy” Pisello is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author of the upcoming book Evolved Selling™: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of FRUGALNOMICS. He joined the Mediafly team in 2018 through the acquisition of the company he founded and led, Alinean Inc. In his role as Mediafly’s Chief Evangelist, Tom is responsible for developing new practices for sellers and marketers to communicate and quantify business value to increasingly frugal buyers. He also leads Mediafly’s Advisory Services group in helping companies evolve their selling practices from transactional to value-led. Outside of the office, he is the proud father of two daughters.

Measuring the ROI of Marketing: What Will it Take to Finally Break Through?

Jay Gaines, CMO — SiriusDecisions line, Forrester
Rob Goldenberg, CFO, 6sense


Demand Unit Waterfall has been the gospel for many marketing leaders and CMOs in recent years, but today everything is all about accounts. So how should modern marketing teams measure success in an account-based world, and why do they still struggle to clearly articulate and show the value they create?

In this fireside chat, Jay Gaines and Rob Goldenberg will offer practical tips for marketers on adopting CFO-approved metrics — and explain how breaking away from vanity metrics can shift internal paradigms and accelerate results.

Mastering the ABM Journey
Jeff Siegel, Director of Strategy, 6sense

Shifting to an account-based strategy is a marathon, not a sprint. And with an ever-changing business, new markets to conquer, and new capabilities from your martech stack every year, your journey is never complete. In this session, Jeff Siegel will explain how to master the ABM journey while navigating constant change. Whether you’re just getting started with ABM or are a seasoned verteran, you’ll learn tips and strategies for scaling your ABM program, aligning teams and resources, measuring results, and growing your career as an ABM master.

Unlocking the Power of Smarplays to Orchestrate Engagement
Allie Gollner, Sr. Solutions Consultant, 6sense
Aditya Majumdar, Product Manager, 6sense

The acquisition of ZenIQ in early 2018 was a major milestone in 6sense’s journey to become the leading account based orchestration platform. With ZenIQ now integrated with 6sense, customers can take advantage of the power of “smartplays” to eliminate manual workflows, streamline processes, and orchestrate multi-channel engagement. In this session, Allie Gollner and Aditya Majumdar will share best practices for using smartplays to enrich data, acquire new contacts, push 6sense segments to other systems. You’ll learn how to leverage smartplays to increase the sophistication of your ABM program and run cross-channel campaigns like competitive takeouts, warming new regions, and driving engagement at field marketing events.

Best Practices for Display and Digital in a Post-Form World
Michael George, VP of Brand Solutions, 6sense

In today’s world of anonymous, fragmented, and resistant B2B buyers, website forms are less relevant (and effective) than ever before. In this session, Michael George will describe how 6sense increased marketing-generated pipeline while reducing reliance on web forms and gated content. He’ll share the display and digital best practices 6sense’s marketing team leveraged to generate engagement and accelerate pipeline, how 6sense measured results, and how to plan your move away from forms and towards more engaged prospects – and increased pipeline.

The New Account-Based Funnel: Modern Marketing Measurement
Kory Geyer, Director of Revenue Operations, 6sense

Account-based marketing represents a shift from traditional B2B sales and marketing tactics – and necessitates new forms of measurement beyond just tracking MQLs. In this session, Kory Geyer will describe how 6sense nagivated this shift with its own sales and marketing teams, explain the changes in thinking and process it required, and demonstrate the metrics and dashboards that 6sense uses to align teams and drive revenue. You’ll learn how to implement account-based funnel tracking in your organization, how and where to get started, and who to involve in the process.

Engaging Across Channels with 6sense Integrations and APIs
Danny Hsiung, Product Manager, 6sense
Eric Yamamoto, Director of Solutions Consulting, 6sense


With 6sense, engagement is powered by our dynamic, always-on segments that continually update as engagement, behavior, or data changes. In this session, Danny Hsiung and Eric Yamamoto will explain how 6sense APIs and integrations enable you to leverage your segments to dynamically activate engagement with ever-changing groups of audiences across any channel. You’ll learn about current integrations, the integration roadmap, and ways that 6sense customers are using 6sense APIs to develop their own innovative end-to-end engagement solutions.

Boosting BDR Productivity by Killing the Cold Call
Ernest Owusu, Director of Business Development, 6sense

According to TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report, best-in-class SDRs generate $415k in pipeline per rep every month. In this session, Ernest Owusu will describe how 6sense’s BDR team increased pipeline production by 50% and broke through the benchmark while also eliminating cold calls and emails. He’ll share how 6sense’s BDR team is leveraging direct mail and other tactics to warm accounts before calling, how he measures results, and best practices you can begin implementing right away. You’ll learn how to leverage insights from 6sense to prioritize your BDR/SDR team’s work, structure effective cadences, and align SDRs/BDRs with AEs for maximim revenue impact as your pipeline grows.

Demystifying 6sense AI Models and Driving Adoption of Predictions
Jamie Devereux, Director of Customer Success, 6sense
Viral Bajaria, CTO, 6sense

One of the biggest differentiators between 6sense and all other ABM platforms is our ability to deliver AI-driven predictions about where prospect accounts are in the buying cycle: target, awareness, consideration, decision, or purchase. But for 6sense customers leveraging predictions as part of their ABM program, there can be a learning curve to understanding how the AI modeling works. In this session, Viral Bajaria and Jamie Devereux will demistify 6sense predictive modeling by explaining how they work, how the accuracy continually increases, and how to educate stakeholders in your company to build confidence and drive adoption of 6sense.

What’s Your Marketing Super Power?

Kate Bullis, Global Practice Leader and Co-Founder, SEBA International
Amanda Kahlow, Founder & CSO, 6sense


Over the last 20 years marketing has taken center stage as one of the most critical strategic functions for growing revenue and building customer loyalty. Finding meaningful customer insights, driving digital transformation, and understanding today’s complicated buyer journeys are real super powers that enable marketing executives to shape their organizations and careers in ways never before imagined.

In this fireside chat, Kate Bullis and Amanda will debate the most relevant and marketable super powers; explain how to position and grow your strengths based on the market; and discuss using your super powers to create value for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Scaling for Today and Building for Tomorrow: ABM and What’s Next for B2B

Craig Rosenberg, Co-Founder and Chief Analyst, TOPO


ABM has pushed marketing and sales teams to align and focus like never before, leverage AI and insights to make more informed decisions, and rethink how they engage prospects to deliver more personalized and meaningful experiences. So how do we scale these breakthroughs, and what’s next?

In this keynote address, Craig Rosenberg will explain what the top 200 high-growth companies are doing to effectively scale ABM, how we can learn from and benchmark ourselves against them, and what we can do to break through to best-in-class. He’ll also share insights on the the next potential B2B go-to-market breakthroughs — and how to lay the groundwork for them today.